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At Norwalk Landscaping Company we try and keep things as simple as possible -- plant, grow, create and maintain beautiful landscapes and gardens for the awesome folks in and around Norwalk, CT! We love living and working in Norwalk and we dig the people who live here. And that's what you get when you work with us -- a locally owned, locally operated, full service landscaping company. Every one of our landcaping contractors love our line of work and we feel privileged that we get to do it every day, cultivating beautiful lawns and gardens all around Fairfield County. We've been working in landscaping services for two decades now, and when you collaborate with us, you know you're getting a team of professionals who will treat your home like their own, because it is our home. This is where we live. And we offer outstanding customer service, we get our jobs done on time, and our pricing is super competitive, guaranteed!

These days it's so easy to get caught up in the speed and hustle of our modern lives. Constantly moving from one meeting to the next. This appointment to that commitment. And if you have kids well, it's obviously even more more complicated with soccer practice or music lessons and on and on. Pretty soon we can discover we’re not as in touch with nature as we’d like to be. There’s something about contact with the natural world -- the greenery, the trees, the flowers -- that is sustaining and revitalizing. That’s why we think landscaping can be such a great asset to modern living, to your property, and to your peace of mind.

Think about those days when your room or kitchen table is overflowing with clutter. The outer clutter can create a feeling of inner clutter. We don't know why it works this way, but it just does. Clean up the table or room, and you immediately feel relief, right?


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Now think of a backyard strewn with leaves and broken twigs and dirt. When you look at it and it doesn’t make you feel great. It's kinda the same principle. But when the leaves are all raked up, and the lawn has a fresh edging job and mow, is watered and the trees have been pruned... how much better does it feel to look at?! There is outer order. You can extend this principle to every outdoor space on your property. Whether it’s simple weekly lawn care and garden maintenance. Or garden care and seasonal planting. Tree pruning. Sod installation. Hardscaping. Watering and irrigation options. The way we think about all of these wonderful landscaping services at Norwalk Landscaping Company is: how can we help you to live with more beauty and order all around you. So that when you're in your back yard and you look over your space it makes you feel terrific on the inside.  Let alone what it does for the curb appeal of your home! Call us now for a free consultation and quote, and let’s create a new state of mind together!

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Obviously we think a lot about landscaping services and how they can positively affect your life, but lawn care, garden maintenance and hardscape design have some other major upsides too: namely to the value of your property! Curb appeal is a real thing, whether it’s just the impression your neighbors have of your lawn and flower beds, or if it’s the very real check a prospective buyer is planning on writing to purchase your property. If you take a consistent and conscientious approach to you outdoor spaces, and once savings allow, consider adding some hardscaping features, you can increase the value of your real estate substantially. And they only add to your personal enjoyment and appreciation of your own home.

Some of the services we offer that can help achieve these goals are:

  • Lawn Care
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Sod Installation
  • Irrigation installation and repairs
  • Hardscape installation -- such as retaining walls, concrete or paved patios, walkways, fire pits, natural stone walls and steps.
  • Hardscape repairs

Our goal is simple: deliver all the benefits of superbly maintained outdoor landscapes to you and your family on a silver (well, green) platter, and do it with the warmest customer service and best prices in town. If you have any questions about your garden, lawn or patio, please don't hestitate topick up the phone and call us!

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Landscaping Services Norwalk CT

Lawns, Gardens, Sprinklers and Trees...

At Norwalk Landscaping Company we are a full service landscaping and lawn care company. What does that really mean? Well when it comes to maintaining beautiful yards, lawn trimming, tree pruning or walkway paving in Norwalk, well, we do ti all! Our local expertise makes us the go-to company for all your lawn and garden needs. And we have a deep understanding of the requirements of our local climate too. Whether the job is residential or commercial, we approach every property with the tools to fertilize and grow plant life, knowledge of local weeds and how best to keep them at bay, and eco-friendly insect control so you can enjoy spending time outdoors.

If you're in need of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance, we love nothing more than stopping by on the regular to ensure your greenery is staying healthy and happy. Whatever schedule works best for you works best for us. Even you only need seasonal upkeep, we have packages for every kind of client. In addition, we offer specialties like soil rotation and aeration based on the needs of your particular yard. If you have an existing home garden, or maybe you don't and you like one designed and planted so you don't have to do it, we'd love nothing more than to run point on that project and we've had years of success doing just that!

Every lawn needs to be appropriately watered to thrive and we can help installing the perfect irrigation system to keep your grass looking beautiful without costing an arm and a leg. Our irrigation contractors can adjust your sprinkler heads so they operate as drip irrigation, which conserves water and saves money without sacrificing the health of your yard. Implementing watering systems is something we're incredibly experience in, and we take care to consider the seasonal impact on your garden and the kinds of plants you have in your garden, because not all of them need the same amounts of water.

If you have trees in your yard then we also have licensed arborists who would be happy to oversee any new planting or maintenance you need done, offering a wide range of services. Our professional contractors can trim, prune, and shape, as well as mulch and fertilize to help grow and nourish your trees. Consistent and quality tree services are sure fire way to ensure the long term health of your trees. Any fledgling trees or damaged plants will obviously be handled with extra care. Whether they need cabling or bracing or wound repair, they’ll get the professional attention they need from Norwalk Landscaping Company. Not only that, but our landscapers are experts in diagnosing problems that require intervention before they threaten any of the surrounding trees or flora.

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Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance Norwalk CT

Outdoor Spaces That Reflect the Style of Your Home...

At Norwalk Landscaping Company we’re committed to creating and maintaining lawns, gardens and yards that fully compliment your home or business, and make it shine - coherently and consistently. We’ve been working with clients from in and around Norwalk, Connecticut for years and all that experience collaborating with the residents of this wonderfully city means we've learned how to listen to our clients, how to be flexible, creative and adaptive, and what tends to work really well in the Fairfield County climate. We’ve grown more than just scores of strong young saplings and built more than a small army of brick paver patios. We’ve done more than just dabble in elite garden maintenance. We’ve also worked really hard to establish a great reputation. One that's defined by great customer service and the best workmanship in the business. It's something we're actually really proud of and our crew of landscaping professionals love what we do and love putting a smile on the faces or customers.

So whether it's your residential property or commercial property that needs a little landscaping love, we're standing by to help. We offer the best in lawn care, garden maintenance, tree services, irrigation and hardscapes. And it all begins with a free consultation and quote before get started on your project, at the most competitive prices in all of Fairfield County! Call today on 555-555-5555!

Norwalk Landscaping FAQs

High quality landscaping is often one of the first details a prospective buyer will notice and it undoubtedly adds curb appeal. It also speaks to how well you care for the property and a well-landscaped property can see up to 10% added to home valuation. Call Norwalk Landscaping Company today and let us upgrade your property! 203-990-1858

Location is obviously a key factor here, but over the hot summer months we recommend watering 2-3 inches a week, ideally early in the morning, whether by rainfall or irrigation. When it’s cooler you can trim that to 1-2 inches a week.

 Again, geographic location is a factor, but generally speaking, spring is the time to plant your flower beds and vegetable garden and also begin any hardscaping jobs. Summer accounts for major landscaping and hardscaping builds. Fall is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Whatever the time of year, it's always a good time to call Norwalk Landscaping Company. Let us take the heavy lifting off your hands! 203-990-1858.

Hardscaping refers to the man-made, permanent structures built into your yard and property - paths, patios, driveways, decks, fountains etc. Whereas softscaping refers to the organic, natural elements of the garden - plants, lawn mulch etc.

Not essential by any means, but it does make maintaining the health of your lawn and plant beds a lot easier. An installed sprinkler and drip watering system can help with water conservation, ensure you reach all corners of the garden, and above all, save you time. For a free consultation and quote call the expert landscapers at Norwalk! 203-990-1858

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